The Importance of Vaccines for Older Adults


As you know, vaccine-preventable diseases cause significant illness, hospitalization, pain, disability and death in the U.S; and older adults are disproportionately affected. More than 50% of the annual flu-related hospitalizations, and 90% of annual flu deaths, are in people ages 65+.

Despite these facts, vaccination rates remain low among seniors. This is why the Area Agency on Aging is partnering with NANASP to distribute information from the Alliance for Aging Research and the National Association of Area Agency on Aging to educate older adults about how vaccines work, why they’re important, and what they need as they age.

A Toolkit is available for Aging Service Providers at including:

  • A short animated film about vaccinations
  • Educational handouts
  • A Presentation and Leader guide
  • A participant quiz and answer sheet

Additional Vaccination Resources can be found at:


Please help us spread the word! Contact the Area Agency on Aging for additional information.

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