Alzheimer’s Association Volunteer Facilitator Opportunity


Alzheimer’s Association Early-Stage Support Group Facilitator Job Description

In the role of Early-Stage Support Group Facilitator, individuals may be responsible for one or more of the following types of groups.

 _____  Education-Focused Group for people with the disease

_____  Education-Focused Group for care partners

  • Support-Focused Group for people with the disease
  • Support-Focused Group for care partners

 Qualifications Required:

  1. Degreed as a mental health professional (e.g., social worker, psychologist, professional counselor) or equivalently experienced
  2. Experience facilitating support groups
  3. Experience working with people living in the early stages of chronic illness
  4. Experience working with people with dementia is preferred

Time commitment:

  1. Time per month for the support group meetings: 1-2 Hrs
  2. Number of months (or ongoing): 6 Month Program
  3. Estimate of time per month required for phone calls between meetings: 1/2 Hr


Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

 Participating with chapter staff in the screening of group participants at staff discretion

  1. Facilitating the group during scheduled meeting times (This could include presenting on a dementia-related educational topic and/or leading a support-focused group discussion.)
  2. Presenting pertinent chapter materials and information to group members
  3. Following expectations and recommendations of the Early-Stage Support Group Facilitator Manual, including the handling of transition/termination of group members, participation in ongoing training and record keeping

  Early Stage Facilitator Application


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